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The Benefits Of Call Tracking Numbers

The missing piece of the puzzle for many website owners is tracking and measuring exactly how a website is performing. In particular, most websites generate at least half of their leads from the humble phone call - but it can be difficult to quantify the results. The solution? Call tracking.

These days website operators are typically tracking enquiries / bookings / sales conversions using goals in Google Analytics but they don't - or can't - accurately measure how many people call up on the phone from their website. Phone calls are an essential way of starting the conversation with a new client or customer, and knowing how many of these are coming through your site allows you to assess whether it's an effective advertising tool or not.

Phone call tracking is coded dynamically, and is inserted onto each individual page that you wish to track. Therefore you can assign a different tracking code to different numbers, and receive a diverse range of results and information.

If you're spending time and money getting your phone number out there, it's essential to make sure it's bringing you worthwhile results. Call tracking also gives you real-time notifications of missed calls via email, and gives you additional data such as how long phone calls lasted and the geographical location of the caller. All this data adds up to paint a full picture of your campaign.

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